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  • BE THE ENVY OF YOUR DINNER GUESTS - Lovely Home Essentials oval musical pendulum wall clock features an elegant, antique-looking design, complete with a beautiful finish and exquisite detailing. Our music clock is constructed to be the perfect size for any room, making our oval design a magnificent addition to the room décor of any living room, kitchen or office. We are confident that you will love the timeless style, quality and value of this beautiful timepiece.
  • KEEPS PERFECT TIME - We know the most important aspect in a timekeeping piece is keeping accurate time. We have taken great care to ensure EACH and EVERY clock is of the highest quality. Every single movement is carefully tested to ensure our clocks will continue working perfectly throughout the years. This attention to detail enables us to prevent issues such as clocks that stop working or lose time. You can rest assured your new clock will keep excellent time and enjoyed for years to come.
  • THE ONLY CLOCK YOU’LL EVER NEED TO BUY - Our mission is to provide high quality clocks that bring joy to our customers and their homes. Our clock comes with beautiful WESTMINSTER CHIMES, hourly strikes and an automatic night shut off. In addition, uses quality quartz movement and is put together with care and excellent craftsmanship. As a small family business, we value each and every one of our customers and imbue that care into every piece.
  • SIMPLE SET UP & EASY TO SEE NUMBERS - Our classy grandfather wall clock measures 22” tall x 14.75” wide and is battery operated (requiring 4 AA batteries -not included-). For simplicity, a hook is pre-attached for an easy set up. The large Arabic numbers are VERY EASY TO READ from across the room. If you have any questions or there is any issue with the quality of your clock, please contact us so we can swiftly ensure the matter is resolved.

Pendulum Wall Clock, Silent Decorative Wood Clock, Musical Wall Clock

SKU: WO800

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